Who we are

Richard Rothwell

When mountain bikes first appeared in the UK, it was a light bulb moment for Rich. BMX was fun but the opportunities for adventure and fun in the wilds on a mountain bike were endless with fat tyres, strong frames and gears. Many of Rich’s younger years were spent bombing round the woods, exploring every corner of the Lake District and bivvy bagging around Northumberland on a bike!

It wasn’t a youthful phase. Rich kept on riding. For transport, for fun, and later on competitively. Years of riding long distances both in the UK and overseas drew Rich towards long distance or ‘endurance’ mountain bike racing. He has podiumed at all the UK’s major 24hr solo events, and has twice finished within the top ten (5th and 8th) in the World 24hr Solo Championships. In 2013, along with race partner Anthony White, they won the Masters category at the UCI stage race: Andalucia Bike Race. Rich has also won national medals in the middle distance or ‘marathon’ mountain bike discipline.

He has ridden extreme distances through day and night in all kinds of conditions on all kinds of terrain. He’s built, fixed, experimented, and fiddled with all kinds of bikes and clothing. An expert rider and leader, Rich is an extremely experienced and safe pair of hands who has ridden hundreds of thousands of miles both alone and leading others.

In our current world dominated by TVs and computer games, Rich loves inspiring people of all ages to get outside, challenge themselves, get healthy and most importantly have fun!

His real world experience is backed up with the following qualifications:

British Cycling Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Cycling

Mountain Bike Leader Association (MBLA) Level 3

Cycling UK (CTC) Mountain Bike Trail Leader

GoMTB Skills Instructor

National Standards Bikeability Cycling Instructor

Outdoor 1st Aid

Velotech cycle mechanic

Ben Tweedie

Hello! I’m Ben and that’s a photo of me moments after my mum let go of my saddle, many years ago! Since then I have been riding bikes of different shapes and sizes, with one wheel to four wheels, all over the world. I have been dropped out of helicopters in New Zealand, climbed the highest passes in Europe and raced down mountains in Peru.

I am passionate about riding bikes and inspiring others to do the same.

I’ve worked for many years as a tutor / trainer for British Cycling and Cycling UK (CTC). I’ve been a Sustrans Bike It officer for a number of years and I have also worked for various other cycling organisations teaching, training and tutoring on road and off road riding skills, group leadership and management and bike maintenance. I’ve also managed and delivered numerous large scale cycling contracts for Local Authorities in the North East.

Most importantly though, I try to inspire people to ride bikes because it makes you feel alive!

Links to qualifications:

British Cycling Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Cycling / Coach Assessor

British Cycling Level 1, 2 & Off Road Ride Leader / Tutor

Cycling UK (CTC) Mountain Bike Trail Leader / Leader Trainer

Cycling UK (CTC) Mountain Bike Technical Leader / Leader Trainer

Cycling UK (CTC) Mountain Bike Advanced Leader / Leader Trainer

GoMTB Skills Instructor / Instructor Trainer

National Standards Bikeability Cycling Instructor / Train the Trainer

Outdoor 1st Aid

Velotech cycle mechanic

Marcus Watson

I grew up loving and riding bikes but had never really thought of myself as a cyclist! As a child growing up in the 70’s and 80’s EVERYBODY rode a bike – it was the norm, so naturally I assumed that everyone else also did it. In those days of yore, we would leave first thing in the morning and not return home until we were hungry – no mobile phone, no GPS and we were lucky if we had 6 gears!

After many years of two wheeled adventures, I can now officially call myself a cyclist, not a full lycra clad rider you understand, but it’s safe to say that I spend more time on my bike than I did as a youth back in the day! I’m as happy out in the hills as I am doing the weekly shopping in my baggy riding shorts.

Besides the freedom and the exercise, why do I love riding so much? There are not many sports where you can stand in the very arena that your sporting icons challenge for the highest honours, however cycling is one of these sports. How many times have you ridden a particular stretch of tarmac and wondered “I bet, (insert any famous pro rider’s name) has ridden along here.” From the lowliest sportive to any of the iconic grand tour routes ANYONE can ride these roads and that is one of the beauties of cycling.

For a number of years, I have delivered cycling and walking programs in numerous school and community settings. My greatest achievement, and one that I am very proud of, is that I have inspired many people across the generations, to enjoy the wonder that is two wheels. Inspiring others to ride is the greatest job satisfaction I can imagine!

Links to qualifications:

Cycling UK (CTC) Mountain Bike Technical Leader

National Standards Bikeability Cycling Instructor

Outdoor 1st Aid

Velotech cycle mechanic

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Years of experience have taught us that by engaging intensively with people we generate positive outcomes.