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Ben is really motivational to all our pupils. He runs skills sessions for the pupils which teach them how to be a safe cyclist. One of our pupils commented that ‘he is a fun guy and teaches us about safety on our bike.’ Another mentioned ‘he is such a safe person to cycle with a we are really looking forward to our next ride.’ Ben is part of the team, supporting and engaging teachers and pupils who are not confident about cycling. He is energetic, dynamic and always full of ideas to promote cycling. Our school are inspired by Ben and his fantastic drive to promote an active lifestyle for all of the children.

Rowlands Gill Primary, Gateshead – Hannah Martin, Head teacher

Ben is considered very much part of our team in improving educational provision for children. From encouraging our youngest children in nursery to ride ‘stabiliser free’ to supporting our oldest children develop safer riding techniques on the road, he makes an unquestionable contribution to the wider life of Fellside and we are immensely grateful to him for this.

Sincerest thanks for supporting us in our ‘cycle safari’ endeavours. You went well above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks for all you do at Fellside.

Fellside Primary, Gateshead – Kerrie Hood, Head Teacher

The sessions delivered by Cycling Generation and Richard are spot on. Within two sessions all the children, 28 in total, were cycling confidently. The children all got so much out of it. The pace is perfect as they are always on the move, whether it be playing games to improve their skills or cycling along muddy tracks and putting their skills into practise.

Anna Bell; Year 4 Class Teacher. Seghill First School.

Croftway became involved with Richard in the academic year 2014-15 when he came in to school and carried out some surgeries where he checked, overhauled and maintained bikes owned by the children and provided them with “Bikers’ breakfasts” which was greatly appreciated.

Last year we went a step further by initiating a programme to train a group of Year 6 children to ride safely and confidently in order that we could have an “expedition” to Rothbury on bikes. The intention was more though than just safety and confidence on bikes, we wanted to improve children’s stamina and confidence in class by helping them transfer their successes on the bikes.

We began with a morning where Richard assessed the 12 children’s bike skills and we went out in the afternoon on a group ride. I had previously been trained as a group bike leader and we also had the help of another member of staff from the school.

Following this we initiated a programme of a half day rides each month from October through to April. Some of the rides in the winter were cold but all were very rewarding! In May, following SATs week we rode to Rothbury, stayed overnight in the Tomlinson bunk house and returned by bike the following day which the children found great, tiring fun.

All through the year Richard worked with us at school to develop the children in the group by providing the equipment and leading the rides, and with the year group as a whole by looking at the history of cycling and some of the science involved in making bikes work well linking into the curriculum.

As the year progressed we could see the confidence and stamina of the children improve in cycling and in their attitude to work in class too. Their self esteem rose, it was a pleasure to see their very positive attitude on the Rothbury ride and their pride in themselves when they returned to school on the second day.

This year we have planned to develop our work with Richard increasing the frequency of the rides throughout the year and changing the end ride to something even more challenging than Rothbury. We are really looking forward to continuing the adventure!

Kevin Halliford; Deputy head teacher - Croftway Primary School

The impact Ben has had in our school has been significant, with children, staff and parents becoming heavily involved. Ben has demonstrated a keen passion about cycling, which has inspired many members of the school community to cycle more frequently. Ha has also made himself instantly available to help and support in school: providing some wonderful health, nutrition and cycling sessions for children. It is clear to us that our pupils not only thoroughly enjoy their time with Ben, but benefit a great deal from it as well. St Marys RC have been engaged, enthused and inspired by Ben.

St Marys RC Primary, Gateshead – Joeseph Wheatley, Head teacher

Hi Ben, just to thank you again for a fantastic 4 days and creating an experience for everyone that will live long in their memories. In nearly 25 years of teaching that was one of the most rewarding experience I’ve had. Thanks again. Peter.

Whickham Parochial, Gateshead – Peter Armstrong, Head Teacher

Ben has been instrumental in leading and promoting a pro-cycling culture in school. He has engaged well with pupils, staff and parents alike and his enthusiasm and knowledge have impressed us all.

Dunston Hill Primary, Gateshead – William Foreman, Head teacher

I was looking for support to develop the idea of a Pedal Power Challenge to raise funds for the charity and to encourage people affected by MS to remain as fit as possible using cycling in all its various forms to achieve that end. We wanted to encourage all supporters and others who may be interested in cycling to take part in a fun and rewarding challenge whatever their age or ability.
During my research and enquiries into how to organise such an event we were lucky enough to find Richard Rothwell! Without Richard’s cycling knowledge, passion for cycling, encouragement and care our Pedal Power challenge would never have been established.
He ensured that we had all the necessary risk assessments, equipment and the motivation to make this event happen. It happened and it was a great success and we now hope it will become an Annual Event for MSRRF.

Benmar House MS Relief Centre. Morpeth. - Susan Dowson; Marketing Manager MS Relief

Ben interacts with staff, pupils and parents in an extremely enthusiastic way and is very proactive in his approach.

St Peters Primary, Gateshead – Lisa Stokoe, Head Teacher

We are always astounded by the levels of participation by staff, pupils and parents alike. Bens sessions are always delivered with enthusiasm and the children are always highly motivated afterwards.

Bill Quay Primary, Gateshead – Mrs T.E. Hilton, Head Teacher

With an infectious passion for, and good knowledge of cycling and bike maintenance as a starting point, Richard really motivated pupils. Real-world riding skills were developed and confidence built through a series of half day rides. More experienced riders were challenged and less capable riders supported so that everybody took away a feeling of accomplishment and a hunger to ride more. The pupils could say how they had improved and their enthusiasm created an amazing buzz about cycling amongst their friends. Richard’s expertise and ongoing risk assessment makes cycling accessible in school without the need for a detailed staff knowledge and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Rob Harker - Horton Grange Primary School, Blyth. Pupil Premium leader

Ben has incorporated a variety of bike skills, proficiency, maintenance sessions, nutritional and other exciting educationally stimulating activities that have left Washingwell’s pupils enthused by the prospect of cycling as both a mode of transport and for fun.

Ben engages with all at Washingwell in a professional, ehthusiastic and engaging manner – whether communicating to the whole school or one-to-one with pupils during activities. Ben’s commitment to cycling is constantly evident, a fact demonstrated by his use of a bike as transport in all but the most severe climatic conditions.

Washingwell Primary, Gateshead – Alison Hall, Head Teacher

It was great to see the kids and the way they tackled the mountain (Hartside). They should be very proud of their achievement.

Rob Kennison – Stage Organiser – Tour of Britain

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